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This course would be broken up into three sections in June, July, and August. Parents could sign their kids up for 3 week sessions five days a week, hours TBD. Students should be ages 10 and up for the motor skill range the class would require. The class will run best with a small group, ideally just girls to support their confidence and experience in a "male-dominated" field.

The course will run through basic wood working skills, design, and artistic elements. Students will be able to use their creativity to come up with interesting designs, and develop problem solving skills to make their ideas into reality. The class will look at examples of artists who use wood in their work, find inspiration in nature (and maybe a museum!), and gain experience through many wood based projects. 


+Safety first! Students should understand the risks associated with all tools and products and how to move carefully!

+Basic wood working skills: Hand tools, hand sanding, glue ups, fasteners, finish application

+Intermediate wood working skills: Some power tools (drills, power sanders, mini bandsaw), different joinery

+High level: Complex designs with multiple steps, unique shapes, finer results

+Design process: Learn how to take a sketch to a model, a model to a first iteration, and a first iteration to a final product. Learn how to scale, model, and revise!

+Critique: Learn how to advise others and take advice! Each project will be finished with a group critique.

+Care: Students should care for their tools, projects, space, and others! 


+Design a shape that describes you! Modify the shape (which I will cut out of wood) with hand tools to make a unique sculpture. (Basic hand tools)

+Get inspired by nature! Collect natural materials and record shapes from outside, then transform them into sculptures using the tools we have on-hand. (Further use of hand tools)

+Learn how to attach wood to wood using glue and screws! In this lesson we will discuss Louise Nevelson and make our own sculptures inspired by her work. (Glue, screws, pre-drilling)

+Study the finer side of sanding by transforming a square block into an organic shape using sandpaper and some carving tools. (Sanding, different grits, carving)

+Make a cutting board! Learn how to use clamps and the right amount of glue to assemble a board. Once it dries, sand and cut it into a shape. (Adequate pressure and glue ratios, types of clamps, bandsaw)

+Make a simple bench using a pattern! Apply a protective finish such as stain, paint, or clear-coat to personalize it. (Accurate cuts, assembly, finish work, use multiple days to complete.)

+Each student is given the same amount of wood to design and create a final project. We will look at real artist examples for inspiration, then spend time drawing, designing, and modeling a final piece. Working individually, students will then use all of their new experience to produce a piece! (Culmination of knowledge, use of all tools and products, design and drafting)



+Wood glue


+Hand tools and power tools

+Paint and other finish

I will source and provide all of these with a budget

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