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Amy Tingle

Program Director

Waterfall Arts

Phoebe Walsh

Dear Ms. Tingle,

       I am interested in working for your organization in some form this summer. My ideal goal would be to teach, if it is possible. I understand you prefer to set up classes in advance, but I would be happy to do the legwork to catch up before the start of the summer. If this isn't possible for you at this time, I would also be interested in interning with your program. I am passionate about the arts and supporting other artists in our community so it would mean the world to work with an organization that supports that message. 

       I am a current studio art major at Smith College. I have also been a working artist since 2019. My primary work is in furniture and functional sculpture, but I am also pursuing printmaking at this time. I have a love of teaching that has largely directed my work life outside of and in the arts. I am currently the wood shop assistant at my college, a job that requires me to design and run courses from basic wood working skills to CNC operation. I find so much joy in this job! The challenge of designing a product that is both desirable as an object and functional as a teaching tool is incredibly rewarding. I also have four years of experience as a ski instructor for all age groups at the Camden Snowbowl. Teaching there was valuable in so many ways, but the most crucial of those was learning how to work with kids in all different stages of development. I am well-versed in tailoring an experience for the student based on pre-existing skills and personality. 

       Another motivation for me is access to the trades for young girls and women. I was lucky to be able to learn wood working at a young age, but not many girls are given that option. It is such a thrilling skill, and I want to share it with our community in a way that will make the most difference. Going to a historically women's college has shown me the power in teaching groups of women how to access a skill that isn't always offered to them. It would be an honor to teach those skills to the young people in our community. 

        While I haven't taught long term classes, I feel prepared by the experience listed above and the other skills I will bring to the table, such as:

      +Design work, both physical and graphic

      +A broad range of artistic skills I gained in studios

      +Adaptability and determination


Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope we can connect soon!


Phoebe Walsh

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